Pitagoras is a character you will encounter many times in the Lord of the Dumbs story. He’s not just anyone; he is the border guard between World Frumunder and Middlerth!

As per the custom, in order to cross borders in Cretisium, one must prove his intelligence by correctly answering questions posed by the guards! The immigration laws are very strict, no doubt. And you might have already guessed that Pitagoras’ questions are math-oriented. However, being in Cretisium, the world with ignoramuses for kings, the questions will be just as stupid as the one who poses them, and the “correct” responses are often wrong.


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Hi! I’m Alexandre. I am the Game Designer and Scriptwriter for Lord of the Dumbs! But I also have a heart that beats and an immeasurable love for video games, movies, good music and you. Yes, you.

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