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Continue reading to learn the game rules and various gameplay tips for Lord of the Dumbs and become the best!

The Hero (That's You!)


At the beginning of the game, you are able to choose a nickname. Each nickname should be unique; you will not be able to use the same nickname as another player.


You will have a level, which increases as you gain experience. Experience is earned by questing and fighting opponents.


Leadership determines which Dumbs you will be able to place on your Team (Deck). The higher your Leadership, the rarer and more powerful Dumbs you can add to your Team. Each time you level up, your total Leadership will increase.


Endurance (END) is the energy consumed in Adventure mode. If you run out of Endurance, you can wait for it to be restored or replenish it immediately with an Elixir of Endurance. Each time you level up, your Endurance will be completely restored and your total Endurance will increase.


Your Team, comprising 1 to 5 Dumbs, will be used to fight against your opponents. Warning: The total Leadership Cost of your Team cannot surpass your Leadership level.

The Dumbs


Each Dumb has the following attributes:
- Attack: the amount of damage it can inflict
- Vitality: the amount of damage it can receive (hit points)
- Leadership Cost: the cost to have the Dumb on your Team


There are 6 levels of Rarity in Lord of the Dumbs: Common, Uncommon, Rare, Super Rare, Legendary, and Divine. The Rarity determines how difficult the Dumb is to obtain.


The IQ represents the level of the card. The maximum IQ a Dumb can achieve is based on its Rarity. The maximum IQ per Rarity is: 20, 30, 40, 50, 60, and 70.


Evolution will change the look of the Dumb and make it stronger. Each Dumb has 4 stages of Evolution. The last stage increases its Rarity. To Evolve a Dumb, you must merge it with the same type of Dumb. You can only merge with a Dumb at the same Evolution stage or lower.


When you evolve a Dumb, the Attack and Vitality of the evolved Dumb will be based on the stats of the Dumbs used plus a certain percentage: 5% if the Dumbs were not at their maximum IQ and 10% if they were. Simply put, it is better to enhance your Dumbs before evolving them.


Enhancing your Dumbs will increase their IQ and boost their Attack and Vitality. To enhance a Dumb, simply sacrifice one or more Dumbs.


The higher the IQ and Rarity of the sacrificed Dumbs, the better the Enhancement will be. Additionally, an IQ bonus is given if you sacrifice Dumbs from the same faction as the Dumb you are enhancing.



Story Mode, or PvE, is the single player mode in which you will discover the Lord of the Dumbs storyline. As you progress, you will unlock new chapters of the story. You will need Endurance in order to advance in this mode.


The Chapters represent the different chapters in the story of Lord of the Dumbs. In each Chapter you must complete several Quests, which lead you to the end of Chapter Boss. In order to advance to the next Chapter, you must defeat the Boss.


The Quests mark out the path leading to the Boss at the end of the Chapter. The complete a Quest, you must kill the Critters along the way. Upon its completion, you win a treasure, either a Dumb or Kopeks. To finish a Quest 100%, you must repeat it until you collect all the unique Dumbs available in the Quest.


Critters are the enemies that you must defeat while questing. To kill them, simply tap them. You will lose Endurance by fighting the Critters, but you will gain Experience (XP) and Kopeks.


You will use your carefully constructed Team to fight the Bosses. Watch out, they cannot be defeated with just one hit on the Slapometer! You will need to tap as close to the center as possible to maximize the damage inflicted.


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