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Tutorial: Evolutions

Evolutions will change the look of the Dumb and make it stronger. Each Dumb has 4 stages of Evolution. The last stage increases its Rarity. To Evolve a Dumb, you must merge it with the same type of Dumb (same […]


Tutorial: Enhancements

After explaining the Dumbs and their characteristics to you, it makes sense to now focus on how to make them stronger with Enhancements! Enhancing a Dumb will increase its experience, thus increasing its IQ level. Because of this, its Attack […]


Tutorial: The Dumbs

The Dumbs are the creatures in the game, in the form of cards, that you will use to fight the Bosses at first, then the Karasas (World Bosses) and your human opponents once the other game modes are released. Each […]